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We have a variety of Kimber Pistols and Handguns by Kimber Firearms. These include; Kimber R7 MAKOKimber Micro 380Kimber Micro 9, Kimber 1911, Kimber EVO SPKimber K6s. Kimber America produces some of the finest firearms on the market today. Every quality built Kimber 1911 pistol and handgun is machined and assembled in house, right here in the U.S.A. This ensures that every firearm that leaves Kimber Firearms Manufacturing meets or exceeds their high quality standards. From their extraordinary 1911 pistols, to the outstanding Micro’s and exceptional K6s Revolvers. Every Kimber firearm is manufactured using the highest quality materials, tightest tolerances and master craftsmanship.

Kimber pistols come in a huge variety of models, though they are predominantly 1911-style pistols. As such, they are most frequent chambered in .45 ACP. However, they do regularly offer pistols chambered in other calibers, including 10mm Auto, 9mm Luger and .38 Super. For example, the Kimber Aegis pistols series is chambered in the 9mm Luger and includes several models that are designed specifically for concealed carry users. The Kimber Eclipse series, on the other hand, includes full-size Kimber pistols that come chambered in .45 ACP as well as 10mm. With so many options available from Kimber pistols, there’s sure to be a model that suits your exact needs and tastes. Browse our many listings today to find just the right Kimber pistol for you.

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R7 MAKO For Sale


Unlike Anything You’ve Seen From Kimber. Or Anyone Else.

  • High-capacity, 12-round micro-compact
  • 14 rounds with included extended magazine
  • Crimson Trace® CTS-1500 Reflex Sight (on optics-installed model)
  • Mount any sight that fits the Shield pattern RMSc footprint on either the optics-ready or optics-installed model
  • Co-witnessed tritium night sights with Glock-cut dovetail
  • Performance Carry Trigger™


Take the quality with you in the field during your hunt with our extensive line of Kimber Rifles for sale and you’re sure to be confident in your firearm. We are setting out to supply you with high quality sporting Kimber rifles, for the convenience of your home and family. Browse through our selection of brand new Kimber rifles for sale online.

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Founded by dedicated hunters and shooters in 1979, Kimber has maintained an unmatched devotion to quality. When other manufacturers compromised quality for quantity, Kimber stood by their promise to deliver the highest quality firearms, even if it meant fewer firearms were produced. As a top manufacturer of premium production firearms, Kimber is the quality and protection you need. Trusted from Alaska to Africa, Kimber has been the top selection of American’s best shooters. As a proud carrier of Kimber, we continue our mission to provide you with high quality kimber firearms. Used by the USA Shooting Team and Central Command of the United States Marines, Kimber delivers impeccable quality and performance.

From a traditional government size Kimber 1911 or the Kimber Ultra Carry, to their not so traditional Kimber Micro 9 or butter smooth Kimber K6s, Kimber firearms have you covered from the Kimber Micro 380 to the 10mm Kimber Custom II.The Classic Pistol Project had one goal – to create the finest production Kimber 1911 of all time. Kimber pistols would have the same quality, dependability and accuracy of those hand-built by custom pistolsmiths, but would sell for a price similar to a standard Colt or Springfield. From forgings to pins and screws; Kimber manufactures, finishes and assembles in America. Today Kimber Classic Pistols are regarded by competition shooters and gun writers as the best production 1911 available. Every other manufacturer is trying to catch up to Kimber or abandoning the market. Custom pistolsmiths now use Kimber parts as the platform for guns that cost several thousand dollars.

Kimber is dedicated to building only the finest pistols and rifles. Beyond choosing the best materials and holding true to classic design, each part in a Kimber pistol is made to the industry’s tightest tolerances, ensuring unequaled dependability and performance. If you ever need to protect yourself or your family there is no better pistol to have in your hand than a Kimber 1911 pistol. These handguns are safe, accurate, fast, and their absolute dependability has been proven through generations of uninterrupted use. And the Kimber Pro Defense Pistol is just what the name implies – a dependable, ambidextrous, powerful pistol designed specifically for duty, concealed carry, or home defense.